February 13, 2018

Started Outpatient Physical Therapy Today! We are very pleased that we were able to find a really great facility that can provide physical therapy for Sharon and will accept her insurance. Her therapist, Lucas is obviously really good at his work and offered lots of optimism and encouragement as well.  

Sunday – February 11, 2018

Sharon has been home since January 28th and is doing well. At this time, she still has almost no movement in her right arm and hand. She is still having a lot of difficulty with speaking. Jack has been a great help, keeping up with her while I’m away at work a few hours each … Read more

Friday – January 19, 2018

Sharon was very excited today to let me know that she is now able to have solid food! One of the therapists told me that she even had a few sips of coffee today, and that she loved it! I had arranged to meet with Janice, Sharon’s RN Case Manager this afternoon. We met in … Read more

Tuesday – January 9, 2018

Progress! Today Sharon’s Physical Therapist was primarily focused on getting her right arm and hand working again. We also took a short walk in the hallway with the the therapist holding onto Sharon and with me following close behind with a wheelchair. She did great! She is making good progress with her speech as well.