Wednesday – January 17, 2018

Today I met Sharon’s speech therapist. She said that Sharon is doing really well and making great progress!

After that, we took a wheelchair ride down to the first floor and spent some time outdoors, along the front area of the hospital. She really enjoyed getting some fresh air and sunshine!

We haven’t yet heard of any changes to the projected discharge date, and still don’t know if she will come home – or if she will spend some time in a separate nursing facility.

I’m looking into trading my little sedan for a van. It will be a lot easier for Sharon to get in and out and also have plenty of room for any extra equipment if needed.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to meet up with her speech therapist at 10:30 and observe that session. That should be interesting! Hopefully, I’ll get one or more good pictures to share.

Thanks to everyone for continued concern and prayers.

1 thought on “Wednesday – January 17, 2018

  1. Thank you, January 17 is my birthday and it’s a great birthday present to read good news with Sharon. My prayers are continuing.

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