Friday – January 19, 2018

Sharon was very excited today to let me know that she is now able to have solid food! One of the therapists told me that she even had a few sips of coffee today, and that she loved it!

I had arranged to meet with Janice, Sharon’s RN Case Manager this afternoon. We met in Sharon’s room and had a good conversation about her great progress, plans for discharge and ongoing care. We still don’t know exactly when she will be discharged, but this should become much more clear after a staff meeting this coming Tuesday.

After that meeting, Sharon let me know that she wanted to go for a ride. Once again, I pushed her in her wheelchair and we went down to the first floor and spent a few minutes outdoors. Then we went up and down some of the hallways, when she let me know that she wanted to go back to the sixth floor.


Sharon and I have been talking for a while about trading our little Hyundai sedan for a minivan – mostly because we both like the additional room and comfort. I also want to be able to move equipment from time to time. Now that Sharon is hospitalized and will be soon discharged, I decided to go ahead and swap vehicles. I spent the morning at a car dealership and got a great deal on a van. Now it will be much easier for Sharon to get in and out and we will have plenty of room for any medical and mobility equipment that might be needed.

It has been a very long – and a very good day!

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