Saturday – January 27, 2018

Arrived at the hospital at 11:00 AM to find Sharon all packed up and ready to go. A little while later, a nurse informed us that because two of her medications were changed, the doctor wanted her to stay for another day so they could monitor her blood pressure. Upon hearing this, Sharon became very upset! I then spoke to the nurse and asked her to contact the doctor. A while later, I got word that the doctor ordered a consult with a cardiologist, but no one could tell me when that would happen.

Finally, around 5:30 PM, I was told that it would be at least 8:00 PM before the cardiologist would be there, and that it was looking like her discharge wouldn’t happen until tomorrow.

I asked them to call me if she gets cleared for discharge later this evening in which case I will go there and pick her up.

If all goes well, she’ll be coming home tonight – or maybe tomorrow.


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