Sunday – February 11, 2018

Sharon has been home since January 28th and is doing well. At this time, she still has almost no movement in her right arm and hand. She is still having a lot of difficulty with speaking. Jack has been a great help, keeping up with her while I’m away at work a few hours each day. Angie has stopped by several times and has also been very helpful. Scott and his family have popped in briefly, but then stayed away because Scott has been feeling sick with a cold or flu. Hopefully we can spend some time with them within this next week.

Some very nice gifts and flowers have been received and much appreciated!

We spend time each day with physical exercises and practicing reading. We’re also making sure to get lots of movement in her right arm and hand by manually massaging and moving the arm and fingers. In addition to this, we are still seeking to find available outpatient Rehab services that can be covered by her insurance. We realize that full recovery after a stroke can take several months.

We went to see her regular doctor last week and everything checked out okay, right on track. This week, we will contact her Cardio Doctor to set a follow-up appointment.

Spent some time yesterday at Lakes Park, enjoying a beautiful day.

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