Wednesday – December 27, 2017

Sharon is making progress each day. She’s still in ICU as they are wanting to closely monitor her heart and regulate some of the medications. She’ll probably be in ICU for one more day.

The nurse told me that she ground up a couple of pills into applesauce and that Sharon was able to take the pills that way. Today, she was able to eat some applesauce and swallow a whole pill with applesauce!

Still not able to form words, but definitely understands everything that is being said to her.

Communication Board

While I was there today, she was able to write the word, “Drink” on paper. The nurse brought in water that had a thickening agent. Sharon was able to swallow a small drink four or five times.

Unfortunately, her a-fib is back and will probably be something that she will just have to live with. This will be controlled by medication. There is a concern about sleep apnea later on. I guess I’ll learn more about that later.

All in all, a very good day!

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