Friday – December 29, 2017

When I went to visit Sharon today, I noticed her lunch tray looked like almost half of the food was eaten. The nurse told me that she, even though she can’t yet speak clearly, told him that she wanted to feed herself. She did good!

Also noticed a vase of flowers from our friend Kathi, with Calvin & Jacob. Awesome!

I asked her today if she wanted some music on and she nodded, “Yes.” I was able to get a WIFI connection on the laptop and pulled up our streaming radio station, which plays lots of her favorite songs. I kept the volume low, but then after a few minutes she tried to tell me something. I couldn’t make out what she was trying to say. Then all of a sudden she said, “Turn the damn thing down!” I heard that, clear as anything! Later, I asked her if she wanted the music turned off and she shook her head, “No.”

I asked Sharon if she felt up to having visitors and she didn’t respond. I would say that we should hold off at least another day or two on that. Once again, cards can always be sent to our home address: 75 2nd St, Fort Myers, FL 33907. Please write “Get Well” or “Merry Christmas” on the outside of the envelope. I’ll bring the Get Well cards to her right away. The Christmas cards will be here when she comes home. Thanks!

Not much else to report today, except that they were trying to get more fluids into her via her IV but her blood pressure shot up, so they stopped the additional fluids and her BP came back down to a normal range.

So happy that we’re seeing progress every day!

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