Saturday – December 30, 2017

I was at Mr Music today from 9 to 4. I called Gulf Coast Medical Center to find out if Sharon was still there or if she’d been transported to the Rehab Hospital. I was told that she is still at Gulf Coast. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed over to the hospital.

There was no noticeable change from yesterday. I did notice that there were no IVs hooked up at all. I guess that’s a good sign. She seemed a little less talkative today and maybe a little more tired. I stayed for about 45 minutes and then went home.

Stopped back to see Sharon this evening. I took along some Get Well cards that came in the mail and I showed them to her. (I really appreciate those cards!)

After just a few minutes, she dozed off. I decided to just let her rest.

Will check back with her in the morning.

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