Sunday – December 31, 2017

Sharon’s heart rate shot up a bit again today so they added some IV medication to get that under control.

She’s doing good with feeding herself, but it looks like she doesn’t have a big appetite as I noticed both yesterday and today that about half of the food on the tray was eaten.

She was a little bit more verbal today, but still having difficulty putting words together. I’m pretty sure she understands everything being said to her, but she is not yet able to vocalize her thoughts. I’m sure that will get much better in the coming days and weeks.

I’m thinking that it will be around the middle of next week, with the holiday and all, for her transfer to the rehab hospital to be finalized.

We’re counting all our blessings and expecting great things in 2018!

Happy New Year everybody!

6 thoughts on “Sunday – December 31, 2017

  1. Thank you for keeping us informed. So greatful that she is able to go to the rehab hospital. They work miracles!! Continuing to pray for Sharon and for you “Family’ you need many as your go thru this journey with her.

    • Bob. Not sure you remember me from McGregor when I lived there. This is Tammy. The card and the small gift were for now, if they have gotten there. Prayers.

      • Tammy, Yes – I remember you. The card and gift did arrive and I took the card to her yesterday. The gift is under the tree for when she comes home. Thank you!

  2. Arthur and I were not feeling well, but we both are germ free, do you think Sharon is up for a short visit? We are keeping her and all of you in prayer.

    • Hi Arlene, Sorry you’re not feeling well. I’ll be visiting Sharon in a little while. Depending on how she’s doing today, she may be able to have brief visits. Watch for an update on this blog later today. Thanks!

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