Tuesday – January 2, 2018

Today, Sharon moved her right arm! Not sure if it was voluntary or involuntary, but it moved! This is really good!

Andrew and I visited for a few minutes. They brought in a lunch tray. After helping her with opening some various containers, she started eating and seemed to have a decent appetite.

Her heart rate and blood pressure are better today. Her regular (GP) doctor, Dr. D’Souza is back from holiday and checked in on Sharon today. Dr. D’Souza is having Sharon’s IV removed today and putting her on oral medication.

She is now officially approved for transfer to the rehab hospital. This should happen by tomorrow or Thursday.

At this point, I see no problem with her having visitors. Please keep it brief.

Gulf Coast Medical Center, Rm. 2266

I will let everyone know when she is transferred to Lee Memorial and will let you know about visitation there.

1 thought on “Tuesday – January 2, 2018

  1. I went back later that evening and spent a few hours with her. She got tired of sitting in the chair and asked to get on the bed. When the two nurses came in to assist, she was saying something to the female nurse. The nurse couldn’t understand her and asked her to repeat it a few times, and my mom finally burst out, “Girl I love your shoes!”. It was pretty awesome hearing her be herself, and everyone got a great laugh out of it.

    Also when she was moving to the bed to lay down, she was able to stand with some assistance, and took some very (very) small steps on her own towards the bed before the nurses helped her the rest of the way. It was some great progress to see on Tuesday.

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