Sunday – January 7, 2018

You may have noticed that I didn’t post an update yesterday. I went to see Sharon, as always, but there wasn’t any noticeable change from the previous day. Jack and I went to my grandson’s 6th birthday party at Chucky Cheese’s and I took a few pictures and showed them to Sharon. She didn’t have much of a reaction to that and just seemed pretty tired.

This evening when I went to see her, she was a little more alert and a little bit more talkative. I took along a greeting card from my daughter Angie. She read the card and seemed pretty happy to see it. I then pulled up some of the facebook comments on the photo of her that I posted. I started reading off some of the names of people who commented and she was VERY happy to hear those names! I’m pretty sure that some of them were people that she knew from high school days back in Ohio.

She was telling me to get my “purse.” I finally figured out that she was talking about a tote bag that I had used to bring some of her clothes and that she wanted me to take the tote bag and use it to bring more of her clothes, especially tops/shirts. She wanted me to bring them “Now – right now!” I told her that there wasn’t enough time to bring them tonight because I couldn’t go home and make it back before visiting hours ended. I told her that I would bring more clothes in the morning.

According to her ‘Case Manager’ who called me on Saturday, they are planning to keep her in the Rehab hospital through January 23rd. We’ll have to see how she progresses and figure out where to go from there. Hopefully, she will be okay to come home by then.

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